February 13, 2016: Gellin’ Like Janet Yellen

This week we looked at Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony before the House on February 10th (the show was recorded that evening). Most of the focus was an analysis of her comments on the jobs market, but we also touched on other parts of her testimony, and had a general discussion about the concept of “The Fatal Conceit”, the idea that experts can guide anything (like the economy) better than the market. (Short answer, they can’t.)

In general, I don’t see anything taking this market higher in the short term, on a sustainable basis. There will be rallies, but the trend is still down. One day we will do more QE and/or move to negative interest rates and this may change, but for right now it is hard to see the catalyst for a strong, extended move up. In the show we also talked about some key levels to watch in the S&P. Check it out in more detail here:

Given this week’s topic we are going to be doing a special class, “Profiting On the Downside”. We will discuss alternatives to just hoping that the market goes back up. If you would like free tickets, call 84-48-Income (844.846.2663) and tell them that you read about it on the Next Week In Stocks website. I hope to see you there!

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  1. Ron Swalboski says:

    Your show preview stated there would be discussion of significant S&P levels. I did not hear anything about S&P.

    • Ron:

      I thought I mentioned the importance of 1,800 on the S&P. If we drop below that, you could see moves into the low 1,700’s, ultimately the 1,000 level or below. There is a long way between here and there, but if 1,800 doesn’t hold, I’m not sure what will.

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