September 10, 2016: I’ve Been Tired Before, Now I’m…

Recently we have had a number of students come in to the Academy with variable annuities and similar products. Often these students have no idea what they have really purchased and they are surprised to learn that their rates of return are nowhere close to what they were expecting. In some cases they focus on the first year teaser rate, in others the “illustrative” value, not the guaranteed value. People who think they are set for the rest of their days discover that they have five years or fewer of money remaining.

We also see people with financial advisors who have been losing money during a bull market and individuals with significant investments in mutual funds without any protection; both inside and outside of IRA’s and 401k’s. Most do not understand what they are risking or what to do before things go south.

The market today is substantially different than the market of the 20th century. We are likely looking at years, if not decades of very low returns in bonds and stocks. The reality is that traditional investing strategies are very unlikely to yield anticipated returns. Many baby boomers and members of subsequent generations are unlikely to ever fully retire.

In this week’s show we discuss these topics in more detail, as well as the market changes that have presented these challenges. Check it out here:

Given this week’s topic I am going to be doing a special class, “21st Century Retirement Strategies”. I will be teaching this class personally. If you would like free tickets to the class, call 84-48-Income (844.846.2663) and tell them that you read about it on the Next Week In Stocks website. I hope to see you there!

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