November 5, 2016: Can We Talk?

This week we dove deeper into the topic of what was likely to happen post-election, depending on who wins. Bottom-line, probably nothing good in either scenario…

We are at a point where there just isn’t much that anyone can do to turn this ship around. What would be required is much too painful and contrary to our current path that it is not politically practical. In order to give the appearance of progress, we will likely continue to try to prop things up with more debt, but all we are doing is delaying the inevitable. This means that outside of a possible Fed increase in December, I don’t think we will see interest rates rise for years, making retirement increasingly difficult for savers. Combine that with likely low returns for the stock market for the next decade or two, and you have a situation where the average person is not going to be able to live the retirement that they have planned. Therefore, this requires a change in strategy if you want to achieve your retirement goals. Times have changed and we can either adapt to this new reality or hope it adapts to us. (Hint, the first choice is much more likely to succeed…)

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Given this week’s topic I am going to be doing a special class, “Retirement Strategies for the 21st Century”. I will be teaching this class personally. If you would like free tickets to the class, call 84-48-Income (844.846.2663) and tell them that you read about it on the Next Week In Stocks website. I hope to see you there!

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  1. Bob Wright says:

    when are you going to catchup your podcasts? Your most current is nearly four weeks old!

    • Bob:

      Apologies. I’ll make sure this week’s show gets up. When I’m in Colorado my internet speeds are only marginally better than dial up, so posting is tough. Just got back to beautiful AZ, so will get it up after I record it later this week.

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