December 3, 2016: What The Phoenix Housing Tells Us About The Economy

Kind of wide ranging today. The market right now is at an inflection point. Will it drop, or is there another leg higher. No one knows. So what do you do? Prepare for both.

We also discussed a recent Wall Street Journal article about what the Phoenix market says about the national economy. WSJ says it means the national fundamentals are strong. I drew a different conclusion…

Also got in a Big Lebowski reference…

Check it out here:

Given this week’s topic I am going to be doing a special class, “Making Money, Regardless Of Market Direction”. I will be teaching this class personally. If you would like free tickets to the class, call 84-48-Income (844.846.2663) and tell them that you read about it on the Next Week In Stocks website. I hope to see you there!

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